Tuesday, December 8, 2015

We keep our Gold cleanup time short and simple

Gold cleanup time short and simple
This is a pic of our gold cleanup sluice.

We do this everyday. The plant does not shut down except for the cleanup of the main sluices each night.

It is quick, simple and we know what we have in ounces everyday and keep control of our pay gravel grade.

Washplant sluice, cleanup sluice, screen cleanup sluice cons to 10 mesh. Simple gold wheel, scales all done right by the plant.  1.5hrs
we are done.

Keep it simple!
And keep Rock in the box
Gold cleanup time short and simple
Gold cleanup time short and simple

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Back home filling out the paperwork and paying the bills

cleaning the bedrockWe are checking our values as always, as we move up our mining cut. Properly cleaning the bedrock will for sure show up in your sluice box.

We have wrapped up for the year and I am buried in paperwork, selling our product and paying the bills. This has been a good property and reclamation will resume in the spring.

We have a good lead on next years mining plan, and we hope that it is going to be productive.

Spring testing of the south part of our property will be exciting as it is unworked and may fit our model for continued mining.

Now that I have time I will share the placer mining stories that we experienced this year.
Our mining practices and principles will also be shared, as I prepare some useful information with my spreadsheets. Photo's of our operations as well as the results hopefully will inspire and help any of your future mining projects.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mining Sapphires In Montana

Mining Sapphires In Montana
A couple of years ago a client contacted me to examine a property he had just purchased. He wanted to know what the property might contain in gold values.  I researched the publications available to me and found that considerable gold had been recovered from this property before the turn of the century.

Usually a good producing lode mine is the logical source of placer gold and evidence of structure and geological occurrences are well documented on most of the known districts. I gathered up some testing gear I had and dug a few test pits, while we only found a little bit of gold, which was nice, but the pleasant surprise was these high quality sapphires I found. This was  good news for the owner. This small collection was mine run and not heat treated. You can bet mining this property may be in our future!!!!