Friday, November 20, 2015

American Gold: the best kinda gold ever

placer gold
I am always championing the gold miners I meet.

A big ol' pile is fun to pick it up and hear it pour back into your pan.

I can just imagine the old timers back in the day, the incredible odds they faced. The tremendous work they did to wrestle the gold from the earth. Hoping to go back to their families to bring them a better life.

The west was settled and explored by these robust and hardy people and they set the stage for America to be the great place it is today. The prospectors, explorers and adventures is a big part of what the United States was and still is today.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Placer Mining: Sweat, muscle and perseverance, won the day!!

We were working a placer mine near Drummond Mt a few years back and we kept uncovering old 1860's drift mines. The state of preservation was amazing and you are always at a marvel  how sweat, muscle and perseverance  won the day on this old placer mine.

 I love the hand worked timbers and the tremendous effort it took, all by hand.  lowering all this wood to the depths of their  drifts in the dark with candles as their only light and the hopes of striking it rich. There is miles of this going all the way up the gulch!

These pioneers, miners,explorers just tough…. gutsy, what an experience  to glimpse into their past, and what they accomplished.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Now this is a handful Montana Gold!!!

Now there is a handful of Gold! We were mining a couple of years ago near Drummond Mt and we melted down our daily cleanups.

We have a small induction  furnace and we used it right on the property to consolidate our gold intake for the day and make it easier to send to the refiner. This eliminates loose placer gold from being handled and possibly taken during the multiple handling processes on a placer mine.

Good looking stuff, but it takes a lot of yellow Caterpillar Iron, diesel fuel and hard work  to get this commodity thats for sure!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sluicing for Gold In Montana

Sluicing for Gold In Montana
You are a happy alluvial engineer when you see the results like this at the end of a good shift.

That is the way it needs to look - gold in the riffles at the end of the day. I use expanded metal riffles on most of my plants with good results. There are many more styles and I will get to that another day.

Miners moss is the very best and there is no substitute that works as well as this material for underneath the riffles.