Friday, September 4, 2015

Grade control of your gravel

Another satisfying gold prospecting experience - tallying the gold

My brother Les is tallying up our days gold take on one of our projects in Montana. We always keep a clean and organized cleanup area. The metal topped table is always imperative for easy cleanup of spills   or mishaps. We always pour gold bars from the accumulated fines right on site. Usually within one hour, we know exactly what the value per cubic yard of material we washed from the previous shift.

Keeping grade control of your gravel along with the associated yardage count will keep a handle on what values you are recovering every shift. Remember to keep samples of the associated minerals on the property you are mining and pay close attention to these for any changes in number or morphology as these could help you in discovering a rich pay streak. Remember gold is usually deposited intermittently across the floodplain and keeping a close eye on any anomalies could help you find richer portions of the deposit.

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