Monday, August 24, 2015

Finding old World War Two warbird crash sites, a hobby I love!!

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Another one of my hobbies and I have done this for many years is looking for old world war two crash sites.

I found this B-17 f bomber many years ago and made a trek back to check it out again and still found some great treasures.

I love to search  and I usually find what I am looking for. What a blessed life I have had.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wire Gold In Montana

Wire Gold In Montana
This is a beautiful piece of wire gold we found up Hughs Creek. Of course it looks like a C and Christi my fiance is now the proud owner of this one of a kind wire gold nugget!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Mining bug of the week from Venezuela

Mining bug of the week from Venezuela
This is a picture I took of the largest bee I have ever seen.

This is a tarantula bee from the jungles of Venezuela. These bee's have evolved into such huge insects because their prey is so big. The stinger is an easy half inch long. These animals live in a burrow in the ground.

When one of these starts winding up to take off, you can hear them from a long way off.

I caught this one by putting a jar over the hole in the ground that they live in, and that is how I captured him. Only two to the burrow was the norm but when ever you started seeing many of these, the number of big tarantulas also went way up. Just more excitement for #mining bug of the week!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Diamond recovery barge I built

On the fly hand sketch of a Diamond recovery barge I built.

This is another field sketch I made a few years ago of a recovery barge and a hydraulic riffle recovery system.

I have always like to do a simple flow chart to get control of the system. Then a hand sketch. Then if you have access to a-cad or some of the other drawing programs you can get the finer specs dialed in. usually in foreign counties this I about as far as I need to go. In country supplies are usually within grasp and you have to go with in country availability of products and services and be able to adapt on the fly quickly and as efficient as you can.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Handful Of Montana Gold

Now there is a handful of Gold! We were mining a couple of years ago near Drummond Mt and we melted down our daily cleanups.

We have a small induction  furnace and we used it right on the property to consolidate our gold intake for the day and make it easier to send to the refiner. This eliminates loose placer gold from being handled and possibly taken during the multiple handling processes on a placer mine.

Good looking stuff, but it takes a lot of yellow Caterpillar Iron, diesel fuel and hard work  to get this commodity thats for sure!!!!