Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Godwin water pumps - work the best

Godwin water pumps are in my opinion the top of the line for placer gold mining.

This is our water system on an older gold mining project. I use the Godwin pump whenever possible.

These are in my opinion the best pump on the market out there. Plug and play. The self priming feature is dependable and on my projects the last thing I want to do is fight a pumping system.

This is a screen system we use and it is very effective especially when you are recirculating your wash water. At the waterline you can see we made removable screens for fast cleaning when they start to plug up with grass, roots and other debris.

With three sides you never have to shut down. The pump intake is 4 ft under the waterline with a solid bottom insuring you get the cleanest water from the top of your settling pond. The catwalk and safety railing for sure is a good idea from a safety standpoint. Keep your pumping site clean and well maintained and this will help with keeping rock in the box and making gold!!!



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