Monday, May 18, 2015

Wash plant design - adaptable to most placer mining situations

This is a wash plant design that I started using back in the 1980'S. I drew this up years ago and I thought it would be a good diagram to explain the way we have mined for many years successfully.

This design is very simple and delivers a lot of yardage to the recovery system at a low cost.
The choke feed system is a full positive system to introduce pay gravels to the screening system quickly and efficiently. Excavators can regulate gravel to the plant in the most challenging of conditions, wet or dry.

This plant can be quickly adapted to a floating wash plant with minimal engineering and costs. Best of all you can see it running day and night and that means Rock in the box = $  I have operated my signature style wash plant in the severest of conditions and our equipment has proven its ability to get the maximum values from the placer gravels irrespective of conditions at a low cost.

Secondary recovery equipment is also available to suit most properties and their challenges.
This system is user friendly and is a good mechanical servant.

This is a general specification that is adaptable to many applications. This stationary system of placer gold mining is a method of operation that is adaptable.  I like it because it is adequate for most alluvial operations and economical.

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