Thursday, May 21, 2015

Grasshopper Creek: My Bon Accord Placer Operations

Grasshopper Creek:
This was one of my operations I had on the Bon Accord on Grasshopper Creek about 1991.

I had Both of my trommels working on the North side. This was some very low grade ground but it was enough to keep us going. There was a nice bench here that lasted a few weeks. The gold was very fine flat and flakey.

Most of it passed a 60 mesh screen. These trommels were workhorses for sure. I had just setup a vibrating screen wash plant down below here and we took out over 500 ounces in 6 weeks from a pocket on a perched tertiary channel. The price of gold was pretty low back then.

The secret here has always been.......... stay obsessed with rock in the box. Production is a key, for sure. I sure would like that kind of ground again at todays prices!!!!

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