Saturday, April 25, 2015

Installing a duplex yuba style jig

Duplex yuba style jig
I have an old Diester lab model cleanup Mineral table that we just set up outside my shop.

We are just getting the bugs worked out and it is starting to make a good separation from the blacksand and heavier minerals. The gold should be a bit tighter on the separation cut and I suspect Billy will have it fine tuned today.

We had a pretty good buildup of cleanup black sands sitting around from over the years. Usually I find out that what gets away from our cleanup sluice doesn't even pay the setup time.

Duplex yuba style jigDuplex yuba style jig

We are checking to see what percentage of 200 mesh gold is going to the tails and see if it holds true when we cleanup our Jig cons this year.

We are installing a Duplex yuba style jig to see if we can bump up our ounces a bit this year.

I have a very capable jig man to keep on top of it and we will see if we can get a buck or two in additional recovery this year.

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