Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gravel pumps should be on every flowchart

Gravel pumps should be on every flowchart
This is my wash plant that treated more gravel consistently, than probably any other I owned.

I was gold mining in southwest Montana years back and we were working a low grade property that had lenses of rich pay gravel throughout a 10 ft pay zone. We had to really push the material through. As you can see I love gravel pumps.

Gravel pumps on stationary wash plants will just give you a lot of leeway with your tailings disposal. If you just need to get it to a  previously mined pit, it is cheap and helps keep your overhead down.

If you have a secondary recovery system you can pump the gravel to the additional recovery plant. The gravel pump really is a good scrubber of the fines.  This is a super simple setup and I recommend it for most sluicing type operations. You can size it up or size it down. This is of course contingent on your values and your spreadsheet requirements.

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