Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nitty Gritty of Placer Gold Mining: just like technology it's an ever evolving process

placer mining methodsPlacer Mining Methods

We encountered some limestone bedrock that would not yield, even with our 345 excavator.

A substantial amount of values were still in these natural riffles we encountered.  You can see the bedrock very clearly here and how it show's nature doing its best to concentrate the gold.

Its a nice example of a sedimentary process and response.  This depositional setting and bedrock change, for the short term  really helped our bottom line at the end of the day.
placer mining methods

We brought in a large compressor and did the final sweep of the hardest part of the bedrock and
noticed a spike in the recovered values that day.

As we advanced further, the bedrock was softer and we were back on our normal recovery values.

You alway's try to recognize changes as you encounter them and adjust your materials handling to the new challenge! Gold placer mining is an ever evolving process.

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