Friday, January 2, 2015

Gold Mining with a good little washplant Les and I built

Gold Mining with washplant
This is a setup that Les and I put together for mining Co. Last year and it is performing very well.

Gravel pumps are a good alternative to hauling fines if………. you have a big pit to pump them into and design your mining plan around pumping, water and sand some distance away from your primary screening and recovery system. You can use sluices or centrifugal systems as well as simple jigging,  or what you design your system for.

Every property is different, mining plans change, usually on going. I have used a lot of different systems over the years and I prefer lots of sluice boxes for gold and it has been very effective.  Diamonds and Sapphires require a lot more engineering and experience . The lighter specific gravity of the two minerals will take much more tending to and a lot more parameters to deal with.

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