Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This property was mined in 1899 and still is producing economic placer gold!

producing economic placer gold!
You can see that we do not have much overburden.
If you look closely  from the roots on up…. the ground has been previously worked by a small bucket line dredge.

The dredge was very small and could not dig very deep or even get through the veneer of basketball sized rocks. On the surface, the property looked totally worked out.

When we tested this, I could not believe that they would leave these kind of values so near to the surface.

They did leave a few islands of unworked ground but not much and it gave me insight to how and why they mined this alluvial flood plane.

The surrounding geology has not changed much in 5,000 years and the wind and the arid climate no doubt reconcentrated  much of the near surface low grade alluvial fan to an enriched surface deposit that fit the economic requirements of one of the first bucket line dredges in the world.

 In 1899 this was cutting edge technology and no doubt this was a success to the group that put this dredge on this little valley deposit.

We came along 110 years later and what they considered low-grade, now meets our economic requirements for the present day mining plan that we have put together.

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