Friday, December 5, 2014

Mining Techniques: my first stripping job

Mining Techniques
This was my first D-8 dozer I had and was stripping my first big pit. This was way back in 1985. We had a lot of overburden but it payed off pretty good even though the price of gold was very low.

You can see how extensive the workings were in the left of the photo. The pay streak was very wide as evident of the shafts all showing the direction of the pay streak.

Towards the back of the cut we were as deep as 90 ft. We had three dozers and it was expensive but at the end of the day we had recovered 1,700 ounces of refined gold. Today that would have been a pile of bucks that's for sure. A lot of the old workings were still accessible and we roamed around the underground workings a lot. The history and how hard the old-timers worked was unbelievable.

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