Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The exoskeleton of a placer mining tunnel.

My buddy Pete texted me and I could tell he uncovered something pretty cool! Pete is managing the stripping program for a a Canadian company and has done a great job for these folks.

Pete is a good steady hand and we have worked together for many years he knows placer mining and is neat and very efficient.

I beat it up to his site to check it out! He had the brilliance to recognize and dig up and over the main 1860's pay streak  exoskeleton  of a tunnel that extends for miles up this gulch.
By being able to look at this kind of history is amazing.

The best part is the ability to see where the meandering pay streak is going and being able to plan your next stripping set. The bedrock here is very fractured and altered and appears to be a very capable bedrock gold trap. I wish Pete and the company the best of luck.

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