Saturday, February 1, 2014

Inching up the Draw that May have held some of Henry Plummers Gold!!!

Henry Plummers Gold
If you look carefully up the little draw above the excavator, you can see where we were headed towards the old cemetery on the left. Our intention was to dig up that old cemetery, boy that ended up being a disaster!!!

 That is my old property at Bannack, Montana and we were in the thick of hunting for Plummber's gold!!!

Several days before this photo was taken we found a catch of 27 ounces of placer gold mixed with mercury and several coins dated 1861 and earlier. Plummber had hanged a couple of horse thieves as the story went as I was told and he buried them on this site. There is much more to tell and I am writing my memoirs on this subject and it should shed some additional light on what I discovered while hunting for Henry Plummers gold.

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