Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hydraulic riffles recovering gold in a tropical environment

Hydraulic riffels recovering gold in a tropical environment
This is a wash plant designed in New Zealand, specifically for washing clay and heavy mud.
This is currently in use in malaysia for fine gold.

The barrel is deep set with plenty of scrubbing area. Clays are notorious for not liberating the gold contained in the smaller fines fraction.

This design is getting close to a solution that will probably be sought after by Gold and Diamond miners looking forward and especially in the tropical alluvial mining environment.

Of special note is the hydraulic riffles (Kiwi style). The screened media is introduced to a rubber lined gravel pump and further gold liberation is achieved by the centrifugal violence in the gravel pump. The splitter sends the conditioned mud and sand to the hydraulic riffles for the fine gold recovery.

While I was not on this site, a good buddy of mine who is from New Zealand was and sent me this photo. Tuckey introduced this riffel system to me back in 1989.

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