Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cassiterite in our alluvial gold mining project

Cassiterite in our alluvial gold mining project
Montana tin stone in our alluvial gold mining project a few years ago.

Tinstone found in our alluvial gravels undoubtedly derived from the nearby volcanics. They make for interesting and very unique specimens. Not many of Montana's gold fields have cassiterite like these beauties

This is some cassiterite we recovered from a placer gold property we had leased some years back. With a high specific gravity of about 7, these tin stones were easily recovered in our recovery system.

Cassiterite is a low grade constituent of igneous rock and is re-concentrated or re-precipitated in many parts of the world by alluvial dynamics. This type of tinstone is commonly referred to as wood tin.

This cassiterite is Botryoidal. You can see the precipitation rings on the upper center of my photo, these growth rings resemble a freshly cut piece of timber, hence the name Wood Tin. Most of the major cassiterite producers are in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, and Thailand.

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