Friday, January 17, 2014

A big floating wash plant I built for Gold and Sapphires years ago

gold and sapphires floating wash plant
This is a sapphire dredge I built some years back. It was very effective at recovering sapphires and gold. This would work well with diamonds.

From concept to rock in the box was six weeks. I used the flexi float snap together system. This made it super easy to shape, and build any configuration you could imagine.
This floater could be fed land based material or used New Zealand style excavator dipping very effectively. 

I would like to build another one like this in africa or south america. They are very portable and parts can be trucked and river barged in with its own floats. Once you get to the final stages of design its pretty easy to mix and move your system for maximum efficiency in many applications.
gold and sapphires floating wash plant

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