Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Good Foot Print Operation : 35 to 45 Yards Per Hour

A Good Foot Print Operation : 35-45 Yards Per Hour
A good midsize mining operation will get you started and really give you some great evaluation as a paying operating bulk testing program. You will gain invaluable information on whether to size up or down depending what the margins require with your mining group.   

This is a couple of shots of my signature wash plant. As you can see it is pretty forward and simple.

The plant is light and very mobile on skid mounts. This property I mined was evaluated and  very deep. This plant was designed for a lesser throughput and higher grade gravel , due to overburden removal requirements.

We had a successful season here. This layout plan well worked for this plant.We did not have a lot of big boulders to contend with or tough haul roads.

You can see from the washplant setup that only three men were required to run the operation, everything was kept tight and neat. This type of operation will fit a niche in many of the types of placer operations I run into. It is very easy to size it up or down and add additional rolling stock as your operation requires.

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