Monday, November 18, 2013

Sluice box: an essential element of your gold recovery system

Sluice box: an essential element of your gold recovery system
Sluices have been the mainstay of most mining operations worldwide.

I strongly recommend using them wherever possible using P.E. Randy Clarkstons recommendations that he conducted in the Klondike placers in the late 1980's

While sophisticated systems can and do increase recovery rates on some projects you need to keep close track of diminishing returns on your project.

This is a photo of Les working on a sluice box order for one of our clients.

Sluice box: an element of your gold recovery system I have found that the down time, and maintenance  especially in primitive areas need to be addressed constantly or your overall recovery can be compromised.

My buddy Pete and I are building some 8 ft wide sluices for one of my projects a couple of years ago.  Panels like these are quick and economical to build.

We learned a whole new chapter in keeping a sluice box tuned during our mining sessions over this last summer here in Montana. 

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