Friday, October 18, 2013

Gold mining under and October moon in Montana. We had an inch of ice on the pond this morning!!!

Gold mining under and October moon in Montana
Mining under an October moon in Montana. The month is coming to a close and we are trying to finish up a small section to complete our 5 acres this year. Reclamation will commence in two weeks and that will last a week or so.

Les, Ben and myself have worked our guts out on this project and we have had a successful fine gold project. We are looking forward to the up and coming months to build a few washplants and do a bit of consulting till spring comes to Montana.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Still placer gold mining it the high country of Montana

placer gold mining
 We are still at it washing gold in the high country of Montana. The nights are very cold but we have winterized our water system and still pouring it on.

Everybody is in good spirits and the blue sky was welcome after 15 inches of snow. We have installed a Knelson concentrator and will see what extra gold we will recover.

This property has been a real challenge with the different geological events that we have encountered.
placer gold mining

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Gold mining in the snow of Montana

gold mining
We got nailed by a snowstorm two days ago. Well over a foot of the white stuff.

We still have a goal to reach and we are going to be up and running tomorrow. Its going to be a muddy and messy final three weeks.

We will also be reclaiming a section for a good part of November.
We will be opening up the shop in December and consulting jobs will be welcome.

Also I will have some buckets of pay gravel for sale later this fall that has fine gold in it and this may help operators see what it takes to make a success of a fine gold property. Getting a good feel of the type and size of the gold particles may be helpful to project management if they are considering a project similar to ours.