Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gold Mining Chile

Gold Mining In Chile, The Stories Sites Will Tell

Here are some photos sent to Rob and Les from a fella doing some exploration in Chile. 

Really the first step is doing some basic geology work which this guy is all over. He is very smart and knows what he needs to find that will indicate gold is near by.

Gold Mining Chile
Here is a photo to the entrance of an old mine tunnel on the property.

Would you go in there to extract your dreams.

Not for me.

Gold Mining Chile
Doing what works ..... a home made sluice box they were using before he arrived.  It is true in every trade, the better your tools the more enhanced your results will be. This is a great example.

He was told there were extracting 10-15 grams per cubic meter with this.

~ Steu

Photos used with permission.
Rob Towner, Alluvial Mineral Consultant
(c) Copyright Protected

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