Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting the gold, the art of making adjustments

Gold mining, the art of adjustments
Gold mining, the art of adjustments

Was talking to Rob last night before he sent some new photos.

I was reminded that there is no recipe on successful gold mining. One critical skill is the ability to adjust as you proceed. And there are all kinds of adjustments.

You have to adjust the equipment: plant, excavator, water flow, water restoration, and so much more. Plus you are always having to maintain your own stamina to work the long hours.

They has some issues with the CAT and had to call 'em to come out and take a look at it ... way over my heard on comprehending.

Lots of variables in mining - not just to monitor - but to adjust with intuitive guidance and technical skills to set the optimum extraction opportuntity.

~ Steu

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