Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The snow is going out of the high country and your biggest fan will be cheering you on Mr Jones!!!

The picture above is a really good picture of how a properly working riffle is working. I did a bit of consulting with Mr. Jack Jones a mining man here in Montana.

He put together a little testing program, acquired a property and with a bit of direction had a very successful testing program. We had a lot of fun doing this and you see him bending over taking a picture of the riffles.... that wasn't because there was no gold there.

I was very proud of him and also made a very good friend in the course of my job with him.

I drove by his lay down yard a few days back and when the snow is out of the high country it will not be a little testing program! He is going mining!!!!!!

I know I will be up there with him as he is setting up a first class gold mining operation all on his own and hope to help him in any way I can cause this guy is going to make it!!!

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