Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Suction dredging in India. This is tough and dangerous work!!

Suction dredging in India
Suction dredging in India

I am just coming back up from a deepwater diving session. As you can see in the background I was winching large boulders out of my dredging hole.

The Diamonds we were seeking, were at the bottom horizon of boulders. Diving and dredging in these conditions can be difficult at best due to visibility challenges.

You always ease into these situations and  keep a heads up on your surrounding conditions.

Your equipment needs constant tending to, as any failure at these depths and your toast. The challenges the of deep water dredging and hoisting boulders is dangerous and is a discipline in itself.

Your team is always important and they need to be able to convey deckside problems to you immediately and without failure.

Your life depends on this!!

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