Thursday, May 9, 2013

Searching for Jungle Diamonds......One of my prospecting trips deep in the Venezuelan Jungle

Searching for Jungle Diamonds
Searching for Jungle Diamonds

I was prospecting a very remote area of central Venezuela years back. The local miners told me of some new discoveries down this river deep in the jungle.

I built a raft using old 55 gallon drums and did some long recon runs up and down this river system.

When you first are examining these types of areas you wonder how could I ever find Diamonds here. Once you understand the geology of tropical weathering, little clues with the gravel types and best of all, prospects of very ambitious regional miners. Even this impenetrable jungle has little trails that the indians travel at different times. Hanging vines that are cut for their pure cold water, you actually encounter these subtile clues on many of your forays into the jungle. We floated and carried these barrels for a long ways at time in our search for jungle diamonds. It just does not even seem real as I write this blog.

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