Friday, May 24, 2013

My old school trommel, going to extract a lot of gold by fall!

gold wash plant trommel
We finally got our drive gear sprockets cut and the ring extension installed.

This is an old school trommel and we expect to have very good success. My old trommel which was exactly like this one netted me 1700 ounces of gold. We  operated 24 hrs a day for five months and our operating time was 87%.
Trommels like this one have exceptional continuous operating results. Although they are big and heavy, this robust design in the right place will pay out handsomely.

gold wash plant trommel

The 5 ft barrel is good for 100+ cubic yards per hr
on most placer gravels.

The young fellow below is me back in 1987 and this was one of my good cleanups. I used an old pitcher style plant that year and treated 100,000 yards of paygravel and it was my best personal year ever. Over 1700 ounces of Montana placer gold

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