Friday, May 31, 2013

Big Sluice boxes on the Caroni River in Venezuela, something to be learned on every corner of this mining world.

Sluice boxes on the Caroni River in Venezuela
This is a big sluice box that was on a big turbine dredge in Venezuela on the Caroni river. It was working near where I was testing with an 8" airlift dredge.

The sluice box was 30 ft wide and 26 ft long and then came back under as what I call a Z sluice. The riffles were expanded metal and the matting was a conglomeration of carpet matting even torn up pieces of clothing.

When they cleaned up once a week the amount of fine gold was amazing. Four or five men spent the better part of the day with this endeavor and were usually absent for a couple of days after their split.

For most of these jungle miners, they took their work very seriously and had very strong family obligations that they took care of. I was invited into their homes many times. I really had a great respect for these Gold and Diamond miners of the Venezuelan rainforest. What a privilege  and wonderful experience this was.

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