Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Using a gravel pump to transport fines (video)

This is a short video of how I like our gravel pumps to operate.  You can see the simplicity of the operation. When ever you are down in a hole or your tailings are building up around your wash plant, a gravel pump is an inexpensive way to transport your fines to a more manageable area depending on your mining plan.

This is about 30 to 45 yards per hour operation and this gravel pumping system handled this nicely for two months at this site. We used a sluice box for the primary recovery then gravel pumped the fines to a secondary recovery using a yuba style duplex jig.

The gravel pump is also a good scrubber of the fines that need additional attrition and that was the case here. The gravel on this property had a lot of clay that took a lot of scrubbing to liberate the gold. As on all properties the rate of diminishing returns verses scrubbing and handleling time is all contingent on your mining plan.

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