Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reclaiming One of Our Placer Gold Mining Projects in Montana

Reclaiming Placer gold mining projects in Montana
The reclamation phase of any project requires precise planning.
Overburden pays nothing when you stack it on the sides and it pays nothing when you put it back. We were in the process of putting it back.

As you can see we were at about 51 ft in depth and managing your overburden in tight confines is an art in itself. We still managed to make a profit from this ground but the depth certainly is a factor to consider on any placer project.
I consider 50 ft plus to about be the maximum depth you can shuttle around your material in five acres.

Five acres is the limit of disturbance under a small miners exclusion in Montana. A full blown operating permit is prohibitively expensive and renders most gold placer projects in Montana with little chance of success. While there may be some properties that will warrant this, it is in my opinion that not many will support the timeline to complete the permit or the massive bonding that it will require,  this will be of course, depend on the acreage. However many projects are flourishing under the five acre cap and I hope it will stay on track status quo. I am very concerned about the extinction  of all of us, as modern day placer miners.

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