Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My favorite Gold mining Wash plant. I am getting ready to build another one.

My favorite Gold mining Wash plant
This wash plant configuration is in my opinion one of the best designs out there for continuous placer mining operation.

I built my first one like this back in 1986 and I have mined a lot of gravel with this style of plant.  This is a simple screening plant that will run 24 hrs a day.

My favorite Gold mining Wash plantIt is pretty easy to adapt to secondary recovery systems for sure. Typically I like to use sluicing recovery because I have had so much success in using a simpler recovery system such as sluice boxes. However many of my projects over the years have included jigs, spirals and almost every type of gravity recovery system you can imagine.

I really try to keep every project as simple as possible and it has really kept the gold coming my way. Sometime being too sophisticated will extend your downtime, to levels that will not outweigh what a standard recovery system will really net you.

Looking forward, to rising prices of gold and accessory minerals will surely keep these wash plants busy in the upcoming years.

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