Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hauling ass to our island camp on the Caroni river in Venezuela This is true adventure Gold and Diamond mining.

 adventure Gold and Diamond mining
This is true adventure Gold and Diamond mining

We were heading back up river with a  barrel of fuel. We built our launches out of 3/32 steel and angle iron and these boats were the lifeblood of our operation.

This river was up to a mile wide in places and the remote location kept your planning and logistics on the top of your list every day.

When we moved the dredge these two boats handled the job nicely. You can see we were in the rainy season and we are fast tracking to our jungle island camp as fast as we could. While the rains were unbelievable, it was the accompanying winds that you really had to be cautious about. Rainwater you can bail it out but high winds crossing open water will be deadly. Once you settle into this environment it all seems to be the norm!!

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