Thursday, March 21, 2013

Placer mining management tips

placer mining management tips
Placer mining management tips

Materials management is the number one priority on any placer mining project.

Project management of placer operations in materials management is so important to the success of an alluvial mining project.

You can see here we are setting up the pit for the last lift of a cut to strip off the remaining 18 ft of overburden. Overburden will swell as much as 50% and can cause havoc if you do not plan accordingly.

All gravel and overburden has a swell factor and you will come to grips with that in short order after you handle your material a few times. Your screen analysis is usually a pretty good baseline and you need to learn to trust those numbers, then adjust accordingly.

Every operator must share any discoveries you find during the shift as far a boulders, tight gravel or any other operating difficulties you may encounter. As a mine manager you need to study each and every detail that your crew is encountering and plan ahead for any anomalies that your mining plan may encounter. Just when you think you have it all under control there is always something that comes out to bite you. Weather, ground water, materials consistency, even manpower fatigue. You must as a mine manager stay multifaceted to every detail and stay on it and do not become complacent.

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