Friday, March 8, 2013

Did Rob Towner find Henry Plummer's Gold?

This is a pile of gold I mined from my old gold properties at Bannack Montana. At the high point of the gold price two years ago this would have represented almost half a million dollars.

There is well over 250 ounces here. Back then my average price was around $285.00 an ounce.  Only about $70,000 is what this pile netted.

At the end of the year I had mined 1700 ounces. My best year ever.

Some assume that I may have found some of Henry Plummers  gold. The famous sheriff of Bannack Montana.
I owned his patch claim and I spent more time and money than anyone else on the planet, hunting for his legendary lost gold.

This story will be in my book that I am writing on this huge adventure that was a major part of my life years ago.
Vigilantes, and the  Masonic lodge at Bannack Mt. My book will shed some light on the secretive Masons.

 I researched the heck out of it and this is going to be an untold story with a lot of information to add to the history of Montana's first territorial capital. The story is true and you will read about the caches of gold we found and Rob Towner's real story. Some of my old buddys and employee's were there and will have their say also, it will be a really fun and a for real historical read!!!

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  1. I live over the hill in Grant MT. When will your articles be available to read? I am a treasure hunter in the same area.