Sunday, March 31, 2013

Big spiders in Venezuela and I mean big!!!!!

spiders in Venezuela
Spiders in Venezuela 

You can see that the spiders were very big where we were working in central Venezuela.

My old buddy Kieth was absolutly fearless whenever we encountered anything in the jungle.

I caught several of these huge anthropoids by hand and it really take a lot of focus, and your courage is tested.  The local indians showed me many times how to catch them and eventually I was successful at capturing some.

Their front legs are off the ground in a menacing pose, but with a swift but sure grab from behind, you have a hold of some pretty interesting hairy legs and fangs up close and very personal!!! The indians from the area we were working loved to cook them and I have dined on their legs more than once. Tasted a lot like crab. The indians would use the fangs like a toothpick and I really never understood why they did this. Whenever you saw one of these it always was an interesting event!!

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