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Strategic Placer Gold and Diamond mine planning by Rob Towner

Strategic Placer Gold and Diamond Mine Planning
by Rob Towner

 Placer Gold and Diamond mine planning by Rob TownerMine owners and employee's need to know more about the organizations goals and strategies so they can execute their jobs better.

Mine managers from my experiences should formulate and articulate those objectives in way that make sense to the men on the ground.

Placer mining is a very demanding complex environment. Eight hour days are simply put, a pipe dream.

The ever evolving conditions around the Gold and Diamond  placer mine are complex and ongoing.  Mine plan communication, from stripping overburden to stockpiling pay gravel and wash plant throughput, has to be balanced.

 Placer Gold and Diamond mine planning by Rob TownerEven the small sized placer mining company should keep a good understandable mine plan that is realistic and problematic.

Almost every mine I've ever seen, seems to evolve into panic mining. Over the years I've accepted that it is part of the nature of the animal.

If you stretch out your mind, practice good planning and discipline you just might find an indication of what is possible, and then you can take some steps to move in the direction of that vision.

As a mine manager you need to lead..... and lead by example and that usually means very, very long unsung hours of studying and understanding each and every activity at the mine site.

When your team becomes cohesive and focused on a unilateral objective your chances of success are really increased in this tough and demanding business of placer mining for Gold and Diamonds.

That smile on Tony's face it is for real!!

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