Thursday, February 7, 2013

My little pet anteater in Venezuela

My little pet anteater in Venezuela

This was a pet anteater I had in Venezuela. The local indians had killed its mother to eat, and were going to eat this little guy also.

A few bolivars rescued this little guy from the barbecue pit. He was a very friendly guy and he would crawl up onto my bed and cuddle like a little kid. His long tongue would search around and go into your ear whoooooo.  What a curious little creature. He was a cute little guy.
We put him on my montana dog Matte, and she tolerated him riding on her back.

When he got bigger he would tear around the yard eating insects, ants and loved milk.

While traveling out on the savanna we saw a couple of anteaters a few times and I let him go one day with a momma and her little one and they kinda bonded and headed off into the grasslands.

That was the last time I ever saw him again.
My little pet anteater in Venezuela

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