Friday, February 1, 2013

Diamond Mining On The Move: how we moved our huts in India

Diamond Mining On The Move: how we moved our huts in India
Diamond Mining On The Move: how we moved our huts in India

These were my boy's in India.  We would build huts for storage and to keep the hot Indian sun from roasting you when you needed a break. The sticks for the hut came from the forest surrounding the riverbank. We would tie them together with a hand rolled coconut fiber rope. When you soak this rope in a bucket of water then tie your poles together, you would have a hut worthy of the walk!!!! We would move the huts from time to time so our gear would be closer to our dredging sites.

This was always a fun time for the boy's as well as a challenge to all work in unison. There was always a lot of chattering and commotion and of course a lot of loud HHHHEEEYYYY. Some of the most memorable times of my life was working with these village boys.

These young men were always ready to tackle the next chore. Most of these men were simple farm boys from the surrounding villages near our Diamond mining site. Always a happy bunch it was a privilege to have worked with these young fellows. The loyalty they had... it was really something!!

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