Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gravel pumps for the modern day placer miner

Gravel pumps for the Modern day Placer miner
Gravel pumps for the modern day placer miner

This is another piece of equipment that I have used for years and years. The simple gravel pump.
This is the cheapest and most reliable piece of equipment to move sand and 3/4 minus you can find.

This 6x4 gravel pump we used for final disintegration of some clays we encountered and we had good results with that. The 90 degree elbow was just what we had in the bone pile, and we later replaced it with a 90 degree sweep which is the very best.

I prefer the Gallagher pumps but in todays world almost all of the rubber lined pumps do a good job. You have to size them for the job.

They have to be engineered for the application.  Gallons per minute with your desired pulp density, for the job of course.  Gravel pumps are another really good option for the modern day placer miner.

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