Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Get a good wash plant going

Get a good wash plant going
Get a good gold wash plant going

I can build a washplant based on your budget. This means a used plant or a plant from all new components.  It's up to you. Believe me, I have extracted thousands of ounces over the years and I know how to build a washplant that puts rock in the box.

I  build wash plants in between my mining seasons. I have a mobile plant plant right now puts out about 45 to 65 yds per hour depending on the clay and size fraction to the recovery system. On this plant I am using sluices. We later used a gravel pump and it assisted in liberating additional gold for our project.

I can get a plant out in about 4 weeks time that is a hopper, vibrating screen, sluice box and a conveyor stacker. This one would be around 45 yards to 60 yards per hour.  Additional recovery would be by customer order. My equipment is always run by Generator set power. Also with clays I strongly suggest gravel pumps.

You can go to my website blog and see the many types of plants I have built and associated recovery systems. I have had a lot of experience putting together trustworthy plants that get the target mineral. Alluvial Diamonds and Gold are my specialty. Let me know what you are looking for and we do have a window to put something together or do some onsite consulting.  Call me at 406 530 9172 to set up a consultation.