Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to encounter the gold nugget patch

How to encounter the gold nugget patch
How to encounter the gold nugget patch

When you encounter a nugget patch, your immediate thoughts are....... Maybe it will go on for days!!!! Gold nuggets like these we recovered in Western Montana are still out there and this is solid evidence that the oldtimers did miss some patches!!!

Unfortunately cleanups like these don't come everyday, but is does fuel your Treasure hunting thoughts,off the charts for sure. When you are fortunate enough to encounter one of these, it is an important opportunity to carefully dissect the alluvial geology where you are mining. Almost without exception, indicator minerals are going to be present in elevated concentrations.

The higher specific gravity minerals like Magnetite, Illmanite or others specific to the deposit,  may have weathering patterns and other subtile clues that may be beneficial to leading you to another nugget bearing patch. I have had extraordinary luck in being able to map out the old pay channels, by paying very close attention to these very crucial details!  This has  always increased our chances of Gold mining success.

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  1. Wow, pictures of real gold make this seem easy. I like the one with the gold bars too.