Sunday, January 6, 2013

Want to meet real treasure hunters?

real life treasure hunters
Real Treasure Hunters and Lifelong Friends

I am in the company of unarguably two of the most amazing treasure hunters of all time!!!!!

Sam Speerstra who has probably found more sapphires and gems than anyone on the planet. He has the instinct and drive to discover Diamonds, Gold and Sapphire's anywhere in the world.

Dave Mccracken He is the Extreme prospector! His book he recently wrote is a great read, and a must for any new or old prospector. A tireless adventurer And the final say in underwater dredging for gold!!!!

We listen with full attention, as Sam is.... I am sure.... starting a Treasure hunting story that in Daves word's will no doubt Result in a life changing event!!!! Dave and I have shared this with Sam for over 30 year's!!!!!!!

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