Friday, January 18, 2013

Rackin up the Gold!!!!!!

Rackin up the Gold!!!!!!
Rackin up the gold

We had hit another nugget patch!!! Almost 3 pounds. The bedrock had changed a bit and the basalt intrusive was holding a bonanza for our team! We knew we were on it for sure, but at the end of the day this was what makes it all worthwhile. You can heal up in just a few days with a couple of cleanups like this!!! In the back is Albie  an expert mechanic, and equipment operator  he was visiting his brother Tony the excavator man  in the middle and Les my brother, Mr. Rock in the Box.

Sharing history is what this is all about. I'm telling you the end that rainbow will be there if you persevere.  Gold mining is always up and down, Dirty old hard work and not a lot of pats on the back.
Friendships and families will be tested to limits you never dreamed of. The freedom and comaradae that
we independent  miners experience is what America is. Freedom!!!

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