Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prospecting For Gold: over a pound of gold!

Prospecting For Gold: over a pound of gold!
Prospecting For Gold: over a pound of gold!

This is over a pound of Gold we recovered one day. Nugget patches we encountered like this were fairly common. Unfortunately only a few acres were available to us on this property.

As with narrow gulch properties, which can be phenomenally rich they do come with constraints.

Environmental laws are in place to protect our water resources. You have to choose your properties and the resources it offers carefully.

Glacial gold deposits are notoriously difficult to contain the silty water if you disturb the underlying bedrock gravel deposit. The slope and direction of the bedrock will determine your mining plan. Turbidity of the groundwater is an especially important factor to stay on top of. Groundwater dynamics processes need to be addressed constantly.

Depending on your mining plan. One way we have been able to keep this in check is to keep a series of sumps on the uphill side of the area to be mined to control the incoming groundwater before it is contaminated with silt. If you have room, an irrigation type sprinkler system can be installed to help distribute the water back into the aquifer system downstream. This also is a source of makeup water if needed, for your recovery plant.

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