Sunday, January 20, 2013

Diamond Mining: Kimberlite in Venezuela

Diamond Mining: Kimberlite in Venezuela
While prospecting in central Venezuela we chanced upon many artisanal miners in the bush.
You can see a family here working a shaft that was all of 50 ft straight down.  Nitches had been hand dug in the clay walls of the narrow shaft serving as the ladder going down.  You would stretch out and basically walk straight down till you came to the adits they were working.

Diamond Mining: Kimberlite in Venezuela

This I believe was one of the first photo's taken of Kimberlite found in this area in Venezuela. I was comfortable enough with going underground here, actually I could not stand it not to go check it out! They called the Kimberlite in this area Pintura. Which translates in spanish to colors. I actually held pieces with Diamonds in them.

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