Monday, January 7, 2013

What is the gold nugget effect? I did not want to walk away!!

What is the gold nugget effect?

What is the gold nugget effect?

I am holding a nugget from a testing program we did earlier last year on the Clark fork. While it is a nice piece there were unfortunately not enough of these to make the property economical. The nugget effect makes it very hard to judge a  property because there usually is no consistency.

Large bulk samples increases your chances of finding remnant pay channels. To quantify this type of property, it is difficult at best. Multiple cross cut channels also helps in the analysis of the target areas of the property.

My partner and fellow miner Tony is checking out
the coarse gold. After a few weeks I determined that
We would only break even at our numbers if we could
find a nugget patch or two but we did not.
coarse gold
 Sometimes it is hard to walk away from these kind of deposits. You keep thinking one more hole.

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