Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Gold Mine: gold cleanup - keep it simple

How to Gold Mine: gold cleanup - keep it simple
How to Gold Mine: gold cleanup - keep it simple

This is one way to clean up your Gold concentrates Of course many operators have many many different techniques to cleanup their sluice boxes.

This is super simple and it gets your product in your hands in 30 minutes or less. You wash out your mats right next to the sluice box. Drain off the water. On a 15 ft x 4 ft sluice you will have about  6 or 8  5 gallon buckets of high grade concentrate.

Put your mats right back into the sluice ready for the next shift. Fire up again and keep the Rock In The Box. Keep production going, this takes more than discipline. It takes obsession!!!!  

You feed this concentrate into a simple sluice box like this one ,  feeding it slowly so your blacksands work off efficiently, leaving behind a reduced gold concentrate.  Ready for a simple gold wheel.

How to Gold Mine: gold cleanup - keep it simple
I always save the overflow in a pile next to the sluice or 55 gallon drums for some winter fun,
I have seldom ever had enough get by, to even rerun it through a jig or table.  Suit your self.

You see the front of that box, thats what pays the bills. You are right by the plant extra eyes are always good to watch for equipment hiccups or just keeping your presence close keeps the plant operators going.

Some operators like complete secrecy and that is also another option and another discipline,depending on your project.

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