Thursday, January 17, 2013

Diamond Mining & Capturing A Python In The Venezuelan Jungle

Diamond Mining & Capturing A Python In The Venezuelan Jungle

This is a pretty good story... My brother Les, Wade Moudy, and myself were on our way back to our Mining camp on the Gran Sabana In Venezuela. I spotted this snake crossing the road in front of us and was quickly in hot pursuit. I don't know why, but my old buddy John Donovan and I grew up with a fascination of these reptiles. We just have to go catch them! Anyway I quickly bayed up this snake and it was soon apparent that it was not going to give up without a fight. I had a leafy branch and it was furiously striking at us and not getting tired. It got tangled in the branch for a second and Les grabbed it by the head, I mean this snake was powerful, Les is hanging on with both hands and Wade and I are just trying to keep the coils from going around Les's neck, it managed to get three wraps around Les's upper biceps, and Wade and I are trying to unwrap this snake with mouth wide agape trying to bite us. Les is yelling, "Rob my arm is tiring out and you gotta get his head." I will tell you first hand that grabbing a writhing python with a mouth agape with teeth is a test of your courage for sure. I got ahold of it and we got Les untangled and the three of us could hardly keep him under control. To this day I never have seen a snake fight so hard. We kept him in a terrarium, in camp for a while. He was always an angry snake there was no taming this one. After a couple of weeks he somehow got out and is probably still roaming the Venezuelan jungle.

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