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Wash plant and placer gold: Gold mining is easy when you have the right tools for the job at hand

Wash plant and placer gold
Gold mining is easy when you have the right tools for the job at hand....

Wash Plant and Placer Gold

With my big 5ft x 40' tromel, at my old *Bannack Montana project, we were getting 100 ounces a week for almost three months. A big sluice box and a gravel pump made it easy!! I had rebuilt the old trommel that was used in 1940's. with the addition of a 8x6 Gallagher gravel pump and an additional 8ft x 25 foot sluicebox we averaged about 750 yards per day. As you can see, pumping it to a contained settling pond with a lot of tailings room, makes it much easier to keep the operation going without fine tailings building up. Less equipment, less manpower = a few more bucks at the end of the day.

Wash plant and placer gold
*Bon Accord (near Bannack Montana) in some really hungry ground. I had a spare 4ft x 30ft trommel and set up alongside my other big plant and the added production saved our butts again!!!

*Bannack holds a number of firsts in Montana history. It was the site of the first major gold discovery in the Montana Territory; it saw the first lode mining in Montana Territory and it was the location of the first successful dredging operation in the United States. Mining began in 1862 and continues sporadically on a minor scale today. The main periods of mining in the Bannack area were the early placer, hydraulic and lode activity (1862 to 1875) and the dredging of Grasshopper Creek (1895 to 1902). [courtesy of Montana Bureau Of Mining]

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