Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Prospecting for Gold: plenty of gold to be found, what type of enthusiast are you?

plenty of gold to be foundThere is plenty of gold to be found by any of the three types of gold prospectors I have identified.

My goal is to help people discover the fun and enjoyment of prospecting for gold.

There are three distinct characteristics that separate gold prospectors: Time and money and experience..

One group is folks, including families, that go out on the weekends and pan for gold. You can get started with about twenty bucks in tools, suntan lotion, and a couple of mineral books. The locations you will find will be most likely old historical locations. Ownership of the land in question ,is always number one on the search for gold bearing gravel. Do your homework as there are many publications that will give you a good start. I will soon have some reference material to get you started.

The next group of gold prospectors spends more money and time. Typically these prospectors will be using a portable sluice in their work. You can find them at locations of the weekenders and also in more remote locations too.  A sluice box and a good Garret gold pan will get you started as a small producer
provided you get yourself into some gold bearing ground.
Prospecting for Gold
Standard Wash Plant
The other group of prospectors is comprised of a more sophisticated endeavor. Their  equipment will include a dredge and/or a wash plant.  Working capital and budgets are paramount here.

Very soon I will be making available an online course to learn the methods and techniques for successful gold mining. I will post the material on this blog and make the announcement in the coming weeks.

Rob Towner
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